How can I connect with madFemmePride?

  • MadFemmePride is organized on meetup:
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What is madFemmePride?

  • We're an awesome, friendly, diverse, queer, ally-inclusive community.

  • Friendly, hot, safe, fun, queer, Femme-Friendly events for all who support and respect freedom of gender expression, especially Femme Visibility.

    Totally-Genuine, positive community for LBGT folks, especially fem(me)inists & diversity-conscious queers of all Colors.
    no "scene" or "in-crowd"
    100% new-girl friendly!

    we've always been inclusive of trans and bi folks.

    we are: bi Girlz who talk race politics & girl couples who talk sports. lesbians who lunch & chicks who crunch. girlz wearing heels with irony & women wearing boas for the fun of it. activists who talk gender theory & ladies who do conscious gender performance.

    we're femme-positive, but not only femme queer women.

    we are: open-minded straightgirls redefining femininity for ourselves, lesbian&bi girls uniting, feminist transwomen, women of all Ages, same-gender-loving women, SOFFAS, newly Out gals, old-school queers, allies of all genders, & YOU! working together to end queer/femme invisibility & anti-femininity attitudes all while being Friendly/Welcoming - revolutionary style!
  • This is the Boston-based original madFemmePride meetup. If you're from another area and you'd like to know more about our organizing best practices for queer-friendly community, get in touch via meetup!

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